Never book George as a surprise – this puts people on the defensive and means George walks into a room of hostile strangers! You are George’s warm-up act, so big him up and prepare people for fun! Book him as a surprise and the act may fall flat.



  1. Payment of all fees should be made and cleared before the performance can commence.
  2. Performance times may be flexible to within 30 minutes by both parties if required. 
  3. End Time: once the alloted time period is completed, The Artist will leave the event, no unpiad overtime should be expected.
  4. The Artist does not guarantee a specific amount of drawings per booking unless previously agreed by both parties and never guarantees to draw everyone at an event. The Artist will pick on random guests unless instructed otherwise.
  5. Children; The Artist is not a children’s entertainer and accepts no responsibility for unsupervised minors in his presence.
  6. Force Majeure; The Artist cannot be held liable for non-fulfillment of contract due to circumstances beyond his control. In such cases, the engagement may be sub-contracted by arrangement or credit offered towards a future engagement.
  7. Cancellation of this agreement (in writing) within 30 days of event will result in the FULL FEE being payable by the Client. All deposits are non-refundable.
  8. Non-responsiveness will be treated as a breach of agreement and all financial losses suffered by the Artist will be recovered by legal means. These include admin costs, loss of potential earnings and unpaid deposits.
  9. Client Liability; This Contract of Employment outlines the Client’s responsibilities as an employer. These include payment of fees promised in the event of last-minute cancellation, under the legal doctrine of Promissory Estoppel/ Detrimental Reliance.
  10. COVID 19;  During the pandemic, George will take the necessary personal protection measures and expects all clients to adhere to social distancing measures. Failure to comply may lead to the withdrawal of his services, if at any time George feels unsafe. In such cases, the full balance is still payable.
  11. Cancellation (by either party) due to COVID 19; will be treated as a rescheduled event and credit will be offered by The Artist, valid for 12 months from the original date of engagement. Deposits may also be transferrable only within this period. No refunds will be offered by The Artist.
  12. EQUITY; Spot On George is a full Equity member, any disputes which may arise will be dealt with by the Union