Professional party caricaturist for hire

I am a full time professional, top quality, walkabout caricaturist, available to hire, for those occasions which may need livening up. My job is to provide a focal point or talking point at social gatherings and to entertain punters who may otherwise be lulled into boredom. My aim is to make people smile and laugh and hopefully take away a memento of the occasion, which may be talked about for a long time afterwards, with fondness. I have 25 years experience and like to think I offer a top drawer service for corporate clients (B2B) and domestic clients (B2C) alike.  My clients include A-list celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Amanda Holden and my illustrations are saught after by publications such as GQ and TV Times, which puts me amongst the most highly regarded caricaturists in the UK.

My job is not an easy one however and my efforts to make the UK smile are often hampered by amateur competitors who blunder onto the market, with colouring pencils and an easel, thinking that their playground hobby can be translated into a living. These part time pencil pushers often undercut market rates by offering bargain basement prices and undermine the industry by lowering performance and trading standards. Their half hearted efforts and untrained methods often lead to disappointed clients and punters, which reflects badly on my industry as a whole.

An amateur caricaturist is easily spotted; by their shabby, garish website, their low fees and often shockingly poor drawing samples. Indeed, if you come across a caricaturist for hire who offers to charge your guests or whose caricatures simply remind you of seafront scribbles or theme park portraits, then I suggest you continue seraching until you come across a professional caricaturist whose work makes you stop and rethink your perceptions about caricatures.  Always look for the ‘WOW factor’ and they will be the ones you should book. Fee should not matter, as a cheap artist is a false economy and charging your guests should never be an option!

Artwork is not like a kitchen appliance – shopping around for a cheaper option will only lead to disappointment. A good artist or entertainer is always worth paying for, as their artwork will impress and entertain your guests. A cheap artist will only disappoint your guests. So please do not encourage the current trade in bargain basement entertainers by hiring them and ‘making do’  because your expectations are low. Instead have high expectations and hire the best caricaturist to entertain your guests and prepare to be impressed!

party caricaturist for hire

I am available nationwide to entertain at Weddings, parties, dinners, coporate functions, exhibitions, conferences, sporting events and openings. Click HERE to book me.