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George has been drawing live digital caricatures since 2008 and is adept on iPad, Samsung and Surface tablets to produce full colour caricatures, displayed on an LED screen. This static format is ideal to draw a crowd to an exhibition stand and each caricature captures the interest of passers by. George is self contained and portable, with his own iPad and printer, to produce 6 x 4″ colour printouts on the spot, email or save the images to branded memory sticks. A plasma screen is essential for this format and George can supply a 32″ screen if required. 

George has drawn digital caricatures for most major IT companies; Adobe, Sharp, Philips, Canon, HP, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Xerox and travelled the world with them to Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Bahrain, Dubai.

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See my TIPS & HINTS regarding exhibitions.


  • Each colour caricature takes 7 – 10 minutes to produce
  • Drawings come with added company logo
  • Wireless printouts available for lanyards – 6×4″
  • George’s tablets are compatible with most HDMI plasma screens for maximum display effectiveness, but a technical advisor is essential on the day.
  • George does not draw walkabout digital, only static with a screen
  • PRICE quote available on request