XL caricatures by George George recently developed a new act, using a large scale rota board to produce the ultimate crowd puller; XL exhibition caricatures. He turns your stand into a performance stage as he picks on passers by and draws them on super sized paper, to the amazement of curious onlookers. The large caricatures are then photographed and uploaded to an online page of client’s choosing for later download, they are also snapped by punters and may even be torn off and taken away. This attraction is impossible to ignore and has crowds rolling with laughter every 5 minutes, an invaluable exhibition marketing tool!

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  • Each caricature takes 5-7 minutes to produce
  • George supplies all materials and board
  • Legamaster 48″ Rota Board is more visible than most 32″ plasmas
  • George is currently the only caricaturist in Europe using this setup
  • PRICE quote available on request