Caricature gallery

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George has had many caricatures and illustrations published, see these celebrity caricatures displayed alongside his latest caricatured Movie posters. These iconic posters include: Daniel Craig (Skyfall) caricature, Jason Statham caricature, The Wild One caricature, Apocalypse Now caricature, Bladerunner caricature, Pulp Fiction caricature, Twilight Eclipse caricature, Fight Club caracature, Vincent Vega & Jules charicature, Die Hard 4 characture, Dirty Harry cariacature, Taxi Driver charecterture, Quantum of Solace characature, Bourne Supremacy carecature, Leon charicature, Rocky III caricature, Deer Hunter carcature, 7 Pounds caricterature, Goodfellas charicature, Frost/Nixon caracature, Taken caricature, Shining caricature, Italian Job caricature, Star Wars 3 caricatures, Star Wars caricatures, Matrix caricature, Judge Dredd caricature, Terminator caricature, Sin City Devon Akoi caricature, JR Ewing caricature. George’s celebrity caricatures include: Brad Pitt’s birthday caricature, Marilyn Monroe characture, Bruce Lee character, Audrey Hepburn caricateur, Michael Jackson characture, Elvis Presley caricateur, Nicholas Cage caricature, Uma Thurman caricature, Tom Cruise caricature, Arnold Schwarzenegger caricature, Bruce Willis caricature, Sly Stallone caricature, Mark Lamarr caricature, Amy Winehouse caricature, David Beckham caricature and Gordon Brown caricature, Kanye West GQ caricature.