Exhibition caricaturist for hire

When exhibiting at trade shows or conferences, a Caricaturist can be an invaluable asset to your marketing! People love caricatures and a good caricaturist provides an excellent attraction, together with marketing opportunities such as product branding, not to mention pitching sales to those captivated by the artwork.

When hiring an exhibition caricaturist I would recommend that the client considers exactly how to use said artist;

  1. As a static attraction or added benefit to existing customers
  2. As a roving attraction, Front Of House to pull in new punters

A caricaturist works best if given a prominent space, with seating, room for a queue and adequate signage, then the punters will be flocking to see what the fuss is about. If using a digital caricaturist, then a plasma screen is essential (ideally in portrait format), otherwise a ‘Rogues Gallery’ wall is a good idea to show previous clients. Essential tools to attract customers:


If you wish the artist to be FOH, then this should be made clear, with detailed parameters to use in attracting punters (ie; target market?). Sometimes caricaturists can be best used by roving around the exhibition, drawing random punters, but using your branded paper as advertising (this is not always allowed however, so check first). Please note that 5 hours on foot can be exhausting and you may be charged a suppliment to cover the extra work involved. It is my opinion that the client’s FOH staff should be doing the canvassing, as they will be better trained, so make sure you put them to good use.

If you do hire a caricaturist, but not make space for them, not advertsie them, not encourage any punters for them, you will be wasting a vital marketing tool, so be prepared and work with your artist for maximum success; remember they’re a member of your team too! Good luck at your exhibition.

XL exhibition caricatures

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