So you’re having a party and have come up with lots of fun ideas to liven up the night? ‘Fancy Dress’ someone suggested, while another suggested ‘Hire a caricaturist’! Both are fabulous ideas and will liven up proceedings, however the logistics do not work well together.  Quite simply; how can a caricaturist draw a likeness of someone who is in disguise?  Is this Stan from HR or Mr Smethers MD??

Bat Man caricature

It is every caricaturists’ mission to draw the best likeness they possibly can and raise laughs, but when Ken from Accounts is dressed as a middle aged, overweight Cap’n Jack Sparrow, then a likeness of either is highly unlikely. This can be soul destroying for a caricaturist, who will hear people complaining about the terrible likenesses all evening, through no fault of his own.

In short, please reconsider if you are planning both Fancy Dress and Caricatures at your event or at least pre-warn the artist, who can come prepared, possibly with predrawn character bodies?