Having a party, maybe a wedding reception and decided to hire a caricaturist to entertain guests? Have you spent weeks trawling the internet, contacting artists for examples , prices and references until you decided Spot On George was the best caricaturist for the job? An excellent choice! Why oh why therefore would you keep this a secret or a surprise?

Please, please never keep your entertainment as a surprise for guests, as many will never have met a close up entertainer such as a Magician or Caricaturist and many will turn up, glum faced and ignore the nice gents in suits walking around trying to get their attention. For an entertainer, walking into a cold room full of people who ignore them is soul destroying and it wastes at least the first hour, as I have to explain who I am and what I am doing.

In 23 years of entertaining at functions, the only ones that have failed have been when I was kept secret – at one wedding the Groom even manhandled me towards the door to eject me!!

Hire the BEST caricaturist – Brad Pitt’s caricaturist, Amanda Holden’s caricaturist, Paul O’Grady’s caricaturist, Ant & Dec’s caricaturist, TV Times’ caricaturist and the ONLY live caricaturist in GQ – THEN BOAST ABOUT IT, TELL EVERYONE AND BUILD UP A BUZZZZZZZ!!

Trust me, Spot On George is worth the buzz and it will last for months!