Eurocature 2022

I was proud to be one of four guest speakers at this year’s Eurocature convention in Vienna, the others being Joe Bluhm, Denis Lopatin and Bernd Weidenauer, where I gave a 95 minute talk on the benefits of being the bad guy: BORN BAD. I was honoured to follow in the steps of great caricaturists such as Sebastian Kruger, Jason Seiler, Paul Moyse, Jan Op De Beeck, to name a few. 

Eurocature Artists

It was a five day international convention, attended by over 35 fellow professional caricaturists, who gather once a year to learn new skills and share knowledge of this great art form. I was the only British caricaturist in attendance, with artists from Germany, Vienna, Belgium, France and the USA, making the happy throng.


Caricature Workshop

caricature workshop

This week I created and launched my first Advanced Live Caricature Workshop, in Leicester at LCB, aimed at professional caricaturists, who want to explore new techniques and improve their speed, while drawing live. Proud to say the ten places were snapped up in just 24 hours and the event is cemented in my diary. I just have to make sure the content is understandable and inspiring!